The Course (Curse) of Social/Online Media in Nigeria 

This extract from Buharis’ inauguration speech comes to my mind this morning  “My appeal to the media today – and this includes the social media – is to exercise its considerable powers with responsibility and patriotism.”, this is in light of a particular comment he made whilst on his recent trip to South Africa reproduced below;

“I wish I became Head of State when I was a governor, just a few years as a young man. Now at 72, there is a limit to what I can do.”

On the social/online media , headline has been “old age will limit my performance”- Sahara reporters, “buhari admits that his age is to(sic) limit his performance ” – Naij among various others. The import of the initial statement has been lost in the midst of sensationalism by majority of the online media helped by the social media channels (Twitter,Facebook)

There is a need for some form of regulation of news organizations on the Internet. The Internet penetration rate of over 83m Nigerians connected to mobile internet of one sort or the other. It is a veritable information dissemination tool for positive and negative purposes. The reaction on social media channels have shown this effect, people do not read through the article and just jump to a conclusion with the headline which is highly misleading.

While press gagging or control is not encouraged in any form it remains for the Nigerian government to ensure that it guarantees the rights of its citizenry to quality and responsible products, these so called news sites are commercial products anyway. Regulation with minimum requirement to operate a News dissemination site must to be at least 5 years experience in a news organization and probably a member of the NUJ or an NIJ course.

This Government is still young and needs support, I know some people would have gone to their grave between when buhari was sworn in and today, still arguing that GEJ was the better option. Let’s move on, the only thing we can do is support the Government for a stronger Nigeria and avoid all this online media that want to sell hard core news without proper training. I will list some here so that when u are reading news from the site its with the following grade of a Pinch (1) or Bag (10) of salt.

  1. Sahara Reporters (3)
  2. Breaking times (9)
  3. The Scoop (7)
  4. Trent (9)
  5. Naij (7)
  6. Nigeria News Desk/Today (7)
  7. Ekekee (5)
  8. Omojuwa (5)

This is how many I can remember ( you can add more in the comment section)


Strategy: My way

Am a student of strategy, my way! Yes how can you be a student of urself some might say but in life, you can only really compete with yourself, by constantly beating your last record your achieve better and move further, so I tend to apply this logic to the use of strategy as a tool in everyday life decision making(personal life). Now that comes with a caveat; Man is not an island, hence whatever you are able to achieve must be measured in line with whats going on around you.

So what is strategy? It is a system or a set of processes logically thought up and if applied will led to the achievement of an already set goal. The texts go further to emphasize that goals must be SMART in nature (You can look this up)

Another way to view personal strategy is to apply the great Maslows’ hierachy of needs.



Ever since i learned about this hierachy in SOC101 class Unilag i have always tried to fit every activity i do or decision i make into any of the levels as stated above and depending on the usefulness to me at that particular time use that as a guide in the decision making. Doing this in addition to asking the following pertinent questions; How? Why? When? Where? Will? to the decision will assist to build up a model of  Yes or No answers. This answers depending on your desired outcome will guide decision making, ,note that strategy is not the end, its just how you get to the end! Hence you must have established what you want to acheive before starting the strategic process. By applying this review technique consistently, errors or missteps will definitely be avoided.

Strategic Models like the Porters 5 forces, PESTEL/PEST/SLEPT analysis all tend to be a little academic and inherently tailored for corporate strategy however in personal life it is impossible to some extent to apply these strategies.

Personal strategy needs consistent application to make sense. Adherence to the outcome should be with caution, to some extent I always argue that strategy is not an end, but merely a guide to an end so the need to review the final decisions.

Lagos 2015

i reside in Lagos often referred to as the state of aquatic splendor, with elections for Governorship and the state house of assembly coming up this weekend it seems like a deadline finish between the APC and PDP. 

Tempers have become flared over the last 2 weeks as it emerged that the Igbo block represents an emerging power dynamic not to be ignored it got to its most feverish when the Oba(king) of Lagos openly threatened any Igbo who votes for the opposition candidate, PDP, with a royal curse of death in the lagoon. While the statement is unfortunate and highly condemned the Oba cannot be made to openly apologize as per tradition “Oba is never wrong” same applies to the APC, I will not expect an open chastisement but more of a subtle dissociation from the rambles of the Oba, anybody expecting more from them should “go and hug transformer”.

The last sentence brings me to my point, daily we use that expression ” go hug transformer ” and I ask how far is it from the Obas’ statement? Or has this been amplified and given unnecessary attention because the other party has decided to use it as a tool for campaign? Forgetting and ignoring the division it has created in the polity! 

There has been massive campaign, more like reverse campaign with emphasis on the failings of the present government and some even suggesting they could have done more with the resources and advantage of being Lagos, my take on that is, how much more? I have lived in Lagos unbroken for the past 30yrs, the level of development and projects over the last 16yrs has been massive ;

Water: I will start here cos it’s the least recognized, where I live is practically on the lagoon so the water is not friendly moving to the area I was scared for that but I was assured that LSWC supplies water, you know what, I have experienced non stop water supply for upto a year now at 1k2 per month, I was paying Mallam 500/day for water! I believe in service delivery, if you are doing something for 10 pple do it well their experience will sell you to other people, I know of expansions to the water works and coverage and with the capacity and quality already attained that will not be a problem but we need the govt that sees the vision to see it through.

Roads: I remember going to Ipaja, Yaba or Lagos island and u will be cramed in molue on some single lane for hours, Lagos has remodeled the entire island, ebute metta and even Yaba road over the last 16 yrs, am not gonna go into details of the smaller roads done 

……to be continued 

Day after 28th and before 30th

Just got confirmation that final collation of the results for the presidential election will begin tomorrow ( 30th March) already today has been so active I forgot it was a Sunday (Palm Sunday to all Christians, may we be triumphant in all our endeavors) and didn’t realize I should be in the office by 7am tomorrow until about 8pm today!!! 

30th is gonna be pivotal for Nigeria, we will know if we are gonna have a new Head Nigga In Charge (HNIC) in aso rock or we r just gonna be with this Nigga till 2019! Already various unverified reports and results have been coming in, Fayose seems to have held his ground, Buruji and co did not try at all and Lagos seems 70:30. The North has shown massive support for BUHARI and in a place like Bauchi ( probably the most volatile northern state) the govt has just gone and declared curfew based on some attacks, methinks this is uncalled for and apparently the people think the same, they have had their moghrib and Ishai prayers in front of the INEC office and requesting for the results to be released.

INEC should allow people see result of what they voted rather than ask everyone to wait  till one “12 noon 30th March” to announce it in a grandiose hall  in Abuja, hundreds of Km away,it’s an undue elongation of the process. The Govt on the other hand should rather than resort to curfew intensify its security apparatus in the states. What baffles me is that where I live in Lagos, there are at least 5 military checkpoints walking distance from my house, that is already a state of emergency situation!!! I do not see the reason for curfew to lock people up, it’s dubious and suspicious.


Election and Results

March 28 2015 was Election Day in my country Nigeria. 

After a review of the voting process I asked myself;

  • Why did INEC not have its own logistics at least to the local government level?
  • The card reader failure was anticipated so that is why we had the incident form, so what was wrong in using the incident form immediately the CR fails? This certainly would have reduced earlier frustrations faced by voters.
  • Polling officers were supposed to come with all the materials ready, why did some come without Result Sheets or experience shortage of Incidence form? This could have been better handled if the Logistic point was sorted out.

Before the next election INEC must make adjustments to its logistic and deployment processes, it must involve the private sector professionals in logistic planning and support e.g. The TELCOs supplier millions of recharge cards and SIM cards daily to even remote areas, NBC (coca cola) suppliers to every nook and cranny , this companies can give unparalleled logistic advice when you leverage on their supply chain capabilities.

The hard part today is the collation and result announcement, I really hope that it will be as transparent as possible, already some states like Rivers and Akwa Ibom have already indicated how the result will be in the SS and SE regions, SW has already voted and due to its large cosmopolitan nature offers huge visibility of the result, for other regions results are trickling in as expected. Nigerians let’s be patient for INEC announcement before any celebration or conclusion. The Geopolitical regions of Nigeria are so divided this election its almost impossible to predict eventual winner.

I pray for Nigeria and all of us, this election will define and decide our future, let’s wait and see!!!

Cheers Nigeria!!!


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